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Our Story

A multi award winning consultancy, Muru was founded by Donna Cowey a proud Wiradjuri woman. Muru is a 100% Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander owned and Supply Nation Certified firm specialising in a number of consulting areas, labor hire and project management training.

Our clients include State and Federal Government Departments and Agencies and various industry organisations across Australia.

Muru are different. Donna recognised the importance of stories in Aboriginal culture and adopted this approach to her business. Meaning "path" or "pathway", Muru represents the journey we partner with clients on a shared story.

"We are down to earth, approachable, relationship driven and specialists across our offerings. We believe we are able to best assist clients overcome their challenges." 


“The Aboriginal Sunrise Ceremonies are very special to our people. It starts when the sky is black, beautiful black. When the sun’s yellow circle arrives, it turns the sky red. This is why the Aboriginal flag is half red, half black with a yellow circle in the middle." - ABORIGINAL ELDER

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