Industries and Functions Supported

Education, Health and Human Services


We have a number of Consultants with experience in Education, Health and Human Services. For example we recently successfully completed a functional and organisational review in the NSW Department of Education. 

Alternative Energy and Energy Security


Muru are one of the few firms specialising in scoping, planning, implementing, governing and managing renewable energy and energy security projects nationally. For example we continue to provide specialist management consulting services to Defence and CSIRO on a number of important innovative energy projects through 2019.

Petroleum Supply Chain


As part of our focus on energy related services, Muru have a number of specialist aviation, land and maritime petroleum (fuel) management supply chain experts and auditors. Our consultants are recognised industry experts and they are working with a number of clients including Defence to improve their fuel management supply chains.

Safety Management Systems


Muru have a number of safety management specialist consultants with backgrounds in WHS, Aviation Safety, Fuels and Hazardous Substances etc. Our consultants have delivered major safety reform projects to clients including Air Force over the last 2 years.



Muru have a significant presence in Defence with clients including Air Combat Group, Air Force, Air Command, Defence Estate and Infrastructure, CASG and others. We are a proud supporter of veterans employment and our Defence consultants have both operational, procurement, supply chain and major capital acquisition project experience.

Government Services


Our consultants have had experience in a number of State and Federal Government Departments. Not only do we understand government business, processes and governance, we are agile and able to respond quickly to emerging government requirements and short notice tasks.  For example we recently supported a company implementing a government light rail review and were able to quickly provide consultants to regional government projects.