Why undertake a culture review?

All business systems are fundamentally reliant on complex human interactions and behaviours that form the organisational culture. It is essential that you understand the human systems and interactions and the impact they have on your staff, managers, outcomes and cultures.

We work with our clients to understand issues like

  • Are your team acting in the best interests of your customers, your organisation and other staff?
  • Are your staff acting in accordance with community norms and expectations?
  • Do people really feel they belong, they are part of the team, valued and listened to?
  • What issues and risks do you face - especially in terms of racism, bullying, harassment, sexual assault etc and is there an effective plan to deal with them?
  • Does your workplace attract and retain the types of people you need to be competitive - i.e. do the best people want to work for you?

What we offer?

We are not going to offer you lots of PowerPoint charts and lengthy reports that don't say anything you don't already know. We also wont quote academic models or push theories, models and systems on you.

What we will do is offer you a series of pragmatic and practical steps/solutions to address any cultural issues we identify through

  • collection and analysis of case studies
  • facilitation of group workshops
  • workplace observation
  • interviews with staff one on one to take on confidential concerns and examples
  • anonymous surveys
  • data analysis on workplace processes and products
  • stakeholder (including customer) engagement to understand impact on customers, teams and suppliers

We will design tailor made solutions for your business, with your business and assist you implement them with hands on support, mentoring and coaching at all levels.

Contact Us

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