What Makes Us Different

Muru are not one of Australia’s largest Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Labour Hire Providers, and it is not our vision to be one. Rather, we provide experienced experts to our clients, with a focus on growing sustainable capability and capacity in the community in blue collar and STEM functions.

It isn't just about providing a body, labour hire for us is about aligning people with employers in terms of work, culture and environment and continuing to support the people we place once they are engaged. We are committed to building a lasting relationship with our staff and clients in order to develop effective and flexible solutions that work for our staff and your business needs.


A key part of our strategy is supporting our employers, especially supervisors who will be managing Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander staff with cultural guidance and advice as issues arise. We also support our staff assisting them to overcome obstacles, engage with their employers and build a lasting career.

Matching employers and workers and providing ongoing support increases our chances of providing lasting employment and growing capability and capacity across the wider community.

A higher percentage of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in work can lead to an increased understanding and knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and improved relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations and communities.

Internship, Cadetships and Work Experience

We are always working with our clients to invest in our cadet and internship programs. Where we can (and a client supports us) we pair a senior member of staff with an intern. We want to provide Aboriginal students and trainees with access to real world projects and invest in the community to grow professional STEM skills and experience. If you would be interested in taking on an Aboriginal intern or cadet please make contact with our team. (enquiries@muruconsulting.com)

Contact Us

If you want to know more please contact us at enquiries@muruconsulting.com