Our consultants will assist your team plan, implement, govern and manage your program to ensure enduring success and return on investment. Our team works to assist your project managers, with the provision of enabling services such as tools, processes, coaching, governance, planning, scheduling etc, whilst providing effective program governance and direction to ensure program success and alignment.

Our team will work with your staff and managers to assist them on delivering their projects successfully. Our team specialises in analysing and recovering projects of concern, coaching and mentoring project managers, leading projects and/or supplementing your in-house capability to deliver successful projects.


tailored Project Management training solutions and certified courses

We can develop and design tailored and contextualised courses to your framework, processes and policies or deliver standard certified courses.

Industry and Government Departments around the world are constantly seeking to identify and engage experienced and certified PMs. Muru project management training and certification provides a significant advantage and a Win-Win for both Employees and Employers. Regardless if the methodology or framework, when more than one-third of an organisations project managers are certified, organizations complete more of their projects on time, on budget and meeting original goals. Our courses allow managers/teams speak and understand the global language of project management and connects them to a community of professionals, organizations and experts worldwide.

Muru training/workshop facilitators are experienced Management Consultants and Program/project managers. They bring real world relevant examples/case studies and practical application experience across various industries. Lecturing is kept to the minimum, with a focus on applying the practices and techniques in individual/group exercises.


Training or Workshop Facilitation

Do you have an internal training course, planning session or strategy workshop you would like facilitated? Our expert instructors will work with you develop and facilitate sessions to meet your needs.

Project Management training and certification brochure download

Download our project management brochure to learn more about our range of available training and certifications.

Our highly experienced trainers and facilitators can tailor packages for your needs if you cannot find the right course for your organisation.

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