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Muru Award

An Awarded Consultancy

An award-winning safety management consultancy. Our safety management team have been awarded the Chief of Air Force Safety Award for our work with the Air Combat Group Safety Improvement Program (as part of a joint Air Force, Muru Team), and were finalists in the 2018 Defence Safety Awards and 2018 and 2019 Hunter Safety Awards.

In 2019, Muru were awarded the Hunter Safety Award for the most innovative WHS idea (SME) for our work in WHS risk management.

Come and find out what makes our team so special!

Our Approach

Practical Work Health and Safety solutions are our forte. Working with clients and through scalable gap analyses, our team has successfully demonstrated the application of skills at both the strategic and tactical levels, assisting clients to implement practical policies promoting So Far As is Reasonably Practicable solutions, as well as assisting the workforce to create their own local answers to contemporary problems in the workplace against global best practice. Local involvement in solution creation is recognised as critical for learning and cultural reform and continuous self-improvement, hence training packages are modular, contextualised, and contain a large proportion of group-based workshop activities.

We focus on analysing your safety management system in the context of your business and industry, so we can develop solution's tailored to your business that improve safety performance and integrate safety planning, implementation and review. We will integrate safety into the processes of your business and ensure that the content of your safety system is applied in an ongoing, systematic and managed way that reduces risk and improves organisational safety outcomes. 

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